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News Flash! Gluten intolerance, celiac disease, and low vitamin D

Hitting the news this week –

  • Gluten intolerance – not true celiac disease – is being noted with increasing frequency                       Article – WSJ

Every one is trying to figure out what is going on here.

  • One theory blames high protein (gluten) content in modern wheat strains.
  • Another blames the increase in wheat products currently in nearly all processed foods.
  • I propose an alternative culprit – the low levels of vitamin D currently affecting 77% of all Americans.


Why vitamin D?

1.  It is well know that vitamin D is needed for proper function of the immune system Continue reading

Faulty vitamin D advice puts us all at risk

.                                                                       AUDIO VERSION

The problem: The Institute of Medicine’s November 2010 “Committee of Experts Report Brief” on vitamin D

disseminates misinformation.

Their report brief contains at least 6 erroneous conclusions about vitamin D.

I will dedicate future posts to explaining each error. Today we’ll begin looking at the first.

IOM Erroneous Conclusion #1

“The current evidence, however, does not support other benefits for vitamin D”

beyond its benefits on bone health.

The “other health benefits” that the committee refers to include Continue reading